Quality survey to Metro de Madrid Users fieldwork

Between Monday 22 and Friday 26 2018, from 7 a.m.to 10 p.m., we will be carrying out more than 12.000 quality surveys of Metro de Madrid network users at different stations in order to study the perception of the service by Metro de Madrid customers, assessing different aspects such as accessibility, time, comfort, information, etc…… […]

Capacity count of users in Metro Ligero de Madrid

Yesterday the 17th of October, we ran the capacity count of users in line ML-1, Pinar de Chamartín – Las Tablas, of Light Meters of Madrid that ABACO Market Studies has been carrying out since 2008, twice a year. The basic objective of the study is the control of occupancy of travelers on working days […]

External customer satisfaction survey of the Parla Tram

On October 16 and 18, the Customer Satisfaction Survey campaign of Parla tramway is being carried out. These survey aims to know the degree of satisfaction of users about the services provided by Parla tram, to know the strengths and weaknesses of the system and to improve those aspects required to offer a greater quality […]

Study of mobility and demand of Tram of Tenerife

On October 16 we will carry on the 2nd wave of the “Study of mobility and demand of Tram of Tenerife”, whose objective is to know different questions related to the use made of the transport titles, the way to acquire them, the degree of substitution of the car, the degree of satisfaction with the […]

Campaign of occupation control of travelers in rush hour in the lines of EMT

From October 2 until the end of November, our interviewers will be on the bus lines of the EMT, carrying out passenger occupation control during rush hour. Once the information is collected, the matrices of uploaded travelers, passengers down, occupation and time of passing by each stop will be obtained, for the whole measurement and […]

Expectative and opinion surveys on Metro Ligero Oeste. 2018 Campaign

From the 8th to the 11th of October, ABACO Estudios de Mercado is carrying out interviews on expectative and opinion  among Metro Ligero users on line ML-2 and ML-3, using a stratified random sampling with quota control by line and station. This is a survey consisting of a survey of satisfaction to users of Metro […]

(Español) Inicio de la campaña de encuestas del estudio de caracterización espacial de la demanda del núcleo de Cercanías de Barcelona, de los servicios regionales convencionales de Cataluña y de los servicios de Cercanías regionales de Gerona, Tarragona y Lérida

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Concept test to validate the perception of store decoration

Between April 30 and May 5, 2018, a concept test was carried out in the stores of Llaollao de Murcia and Cartagena, to validate the perception of the current decoration of the stores compared to other proposals.   To do this, surveys were conducted for 1 week in 23 stores in Murcia and 1 in […]

(Español) Búsqueda de personal: encuestadores en Cataluña

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Passangers count in ML-1 Line of Metros Ligeros de Madrid

On Wednesday, March 21, we are having a capacity count of passengers up and down in each of the stations of Line ML-1 of Metro Ligero de Madrid on a working day and its subsequent exploitation, in order to obtain the intensity matrix of travelers for all circulations. In addition, this capacity is complemented by […]