Field work associated with the Fuenlabrada Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan.

From September 26 to 30, Field work associated with the Fuenlabrada Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan was carried out, consisting of inventories and parking occupancy, pedestrian and cyclist mobility measurements (counts and surveys), public transport measurements (counts and surveys on board Fuenlabrada urban buses and surveys in Cercanías and Metrosur stations) and vehicle gauging on the […]

Campaign of occupation control of travellers in rush hours in the lines of Madrid EMT 2022

From Septembre 26th our interviewers will be on the bus lines of the EMT, carrying out passenger occupation control during rush hour. Once the information is collected, the matrices of uploaded travelers, passengers down, occupation and time of passing by each stop will be obtained, for the whole measurement and for the time of greatest […]

Expectative and opinion surveys on Metro Ligero Oeste. 2022 campaign

From the 12th to the 15th of October, ABACO Estudios de Mercado is carrying out interviews on expectative and opinion  among Metro Ligero users on line ML-2 and ML-3, using a stratified random sampling with quota control by line and station. This project is run every two years. This is a survey consisting of a survey […]

(Español) Trabajos de campo relativos al PEMS (Plan Extremeño de Movilidad Sostenible)

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Field work associated with Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans

During the last months from ABACO we have collaborated in the following field work associated with Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans: Ágreda Onda Manresa Puertollano Las Rozas In this work, traffic gauging, parking demand studies, speed analysis in main roads, analysis of pedestrian routes and pavement and sidewalk conditions, surveys to pedestrians, drivers and public transport […]

Travellers capacity count in the network of Cercanías in Sevilla, Málaga and Cádiz 2021

ABACO Estudios De Mercado will conduct the capacity count of passengers in all stations of the Cercanías network in November 23th and November 25nd in Sevilla, Cádiz and Málaga. This is a field research in the Cercanías lines, with the aim of determine, on an average working day, the volume and structure of Renfe Viajeros traffic for […]

Capacity count of users in Metro Ligero de Madrid, 2021

The 17th of November, we ran the capacity count of users in line ML-1, Pinar de Chamartín – Las Tablas, of Light Meters of Madrid that ABACO Market Studies has been carrying out since 2008. The basic objective of the study is the control of occupancy of travelers on working days in this line, to […]

Travellers capacity count in Parla Tram 2021

On November the  11th is being conducted the capacity count of travelers in the Tram of Parla. The objective of this count is to quantify the demand of travelers in the time from 6 in the morning to 10 at night, the period in which 95% of demand is concentrated. Out of this capacity count it […]

External customer satisfaction survey on the Parla Tram 2021

On 2 and 4 November, the external customer satisfaction survey campaign for the Parla Tramway was carried out. The aim of these surveys is to find out the level of satisfaction of users with the services provided by the Tramway of Parla, in order to know the strengths and weaknesses of the system and to […]