Our services are divided into three big areas:

• Quantitative research developed with the following methodologies:


Personal interviews

Telephone interviews

Postal interviews

Online interviews

Mystery shopping

Desk research

• Quantitative research, specialized on traffic and mobility 

  • Capacity count, both manual and automatic, in public and private transportation.
  • Interviews
    • Declared preferences interviews: Preferences mentioned by individuals with the aim of obtaining information about their willingness to pay for an improvement in transport timings
    • Revealed preferences interviews:  Preferences shown, such as Origin – Destination interviews, in home Mobility interviews, Mobility interviews.
    • Screen interviews: Interviews addressed to drivers, to be done in detention areas (traffic lights, petrol stations, etc.)
    • Satisfaction and Quality Service interviews
  • Other: Number plate recording, “floating vehicle”, commercial speed analysis, timing measurement…



• Qualitative Research: online and offline


• Data analysis

Coding • Data entry • Depuration • Cross tab

Sample weighting • Multivariable analysis

Statistics analysis  • Modelization


Technology is an important issue and in ABACO Estudios de Mercado we try to be updated in the very last tendencies.

To develop our projects and surveys, we count on the following specific software:

• Capture system VIDEO PORTABLE (Video Collecting Unit SCOUT) for counting vehicles in intersections, main roads and roundabout.

With this non-invasive method, automatic counting and traffic and individuals measurements can be developed through image capture, reducing timing and meantime improving results accuracy. The system allows conducting different kind of surveys and obtaining accurate information about temporary distribution of vehicles and its classification according to their typology. It can be used also for tracking and counting pedestrians.

Video Collecting Unit SCOUT

• ADR SABRE counting/sorting portable, with configuration for 4 pneumatic tubes

With this ADR SABRE counting system we gather information in highways as well as in urban roads, conducting counting and sorting tasks, counting vehicles, distance between axis and speed of up to 15 different vehicles. 

ADR SABRE counting/sorting portable

• GPS collectors to obtain traffic flows through floating vehicles

With the aim of analyzing the transportation system congestion we do measure traffic speed in entry lines as well as in all other lines with traffic of both, public and private transports. This allow us to obtain the vehicle position which enables to calculate the average and maximum traffic speed of each section. All this information is included in a Geographic Information System which can be used in transportation models for different valuations.

Traffic speed measurement

• Geographic Information System

The Geographic Information System that we use is mainly MapInfo of Pitney Bowes Business Insight. This SIG has been designed to manage and represent big volumes of georefered data, allowing to associate geometry of any kind to text or alphanumeric information stored in a tabular way. This is a vectorial SIG which included ORACLE tools

GIS interface

• Software GANDIA INTEGRA 4 to collect telephone, face to face and online data

Gandia Integra 4 is an application developed by TESI GANDIA to allow online fieldwork as well as offline. This software allows data collection for multichannel market research (telephone, face to face with tablet, through web sites…) and combination of modules interrelated, for instance, a survey can be started on a module and be finished in a different one, having at the end a one and only data file.

Dashboard and tablet polling app

• Software for automatic analysis on traffic flow

We count on a specific software, through video recording, with the SCOUT video recording unit, which unable automatic analysis on traffic flow of vehicles in intersections, road cross with traffic lights and roundabouts.

We also have a specific software for the automatic analysis of data gathered through the portable counter/sorting ADR SABRE.

Both software allows to obtain and to analyze vehicles origin and destination, average speed, trajectory of each vehicle as well as the category the vehicle belongs to. Results can be exported in data files with different formats and elaborate reports.

Traffic flow analysis software dashboard