Study to determine the average distance of trips made with CRTM season tickets on the long-distance bus network (VAC).

During the month of June 2021 ABACO Estudios de Mercado has carried out a study for the CRTM whose objective is to determine the origin-destination matrix and, as a consequence, the average fare of the trips made with the different transport passes marketed by the CRTM in the long-distance bus network (VAC) included in the […]

(Español) Comienzan los trabajos de campo del PMUS de Ames

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(Español) Encuestas de percepción del autobús urbano en Bilbao

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Measurements of passenger occupancy control in urban and interurban buses in Madrid are resumed

Once normality has been recovered after the “Filomena” storm that has accompanied us the first days of the year, we resume the passenger occupancy control measurements both in the urban bus lines of the EMT and the different lines of the intercity buses of Madrid, carrying out the passenger occupancy control at rush hour. When […]

Here’s to a 2021 full of things to be counted

On behalf of the team of ABACO Market Studies we wish you a Merry Christmas and a 2021 full of things “to be counted” 😉 Thanks for being there! More next year and of course, always better.

(Español) Metro de Málaga mantiene la valoración del servicio por parte de sus usuarios a pesar de la pandemia

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Verification of transport network stops

From Tuesday 17 November to 20 December, a sample of the stops and “Passenger Information Points” (PIV) on the interurban and urban transport network in other municipalities of the concessions included in the Quality Plan for permanent regular road passenger transport services in the Community of Madrid will be checked. The PIVs are Passenger Information […]

Opinion study on the quality of service in interurban and urban transport in the municipalities of the Community of Madrid

Today, Monday 16 November, we began conducting surveys on the user’s opinion on the quality of services offered on the regular road passenger transport network of Interurban and Urban Lines in the Community of Madrid. Over the next few weeks we will be conducting 13,500 surveys distributed among the various concessions providing service on the […]

Customer satisfaction surveys in Segovia’s city buses

Between November 9th and 13th, our surveyors will be in Segovia to find out the satisfaction of the users in relation to the service provided by the Segovia’s urban bus company. The surveys will be carried out on board the different lines between 7:30 and 22:30 throughout the week in order to find out the […]

Campaign to control passenger occupation at rush hour on Madrid’s intercity bus lines

From November 10th our interviewers will be on the intercity buses of Madrid, carrying out passenger occupation control during rush hour. Once the information is collected, the matrices of uploaded travelers, passengers down, occupation and time of passing by each stop will be obtained, for the whole measurement and for the time of greatest load […]