Measurements of passenger occupancy control in urban and interurban buses in Madrid are resumed

Once normality has been recovered after the “Filomena” storm that has accompanied us the first days of the year, we resume the passenger occupancy control measurements both in the urban bus lines of the EMT and the different lines of the intercity buses of Madrid, carrying out the passenger occupancy control at rush hour.

When the data collection work is completed, the matrices of passengers boarded, passengers alighted, occupancy and time of passage at each stop will be obtained for the whole measurement and for the hour of peak load in the section with the highest number of passengers.

In addition, the demand information will be completed with the actual supply, especially frequency, capacity, commercial and operating speed, as well as information on line utilization and trip length.

This will make it possible to know the supply and demand of the different urban and interurban bus lines at peak hours.