ABACO achieves the 1000-2 Certificate of the Fundación Más Familia

After the review of several processes of the company, Ábaco Estudios de Mercado has been confirmed the Certification in the Standard 1000-2 of the Fundación Más Familia.

This document reflects the company’s management and its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility. In addition, it shows the daily effort made to improve the reconciliation of personal, family and work life. Likewise, the certification model also promotes support for equal opportunities and the inclusion of the most disadvantaged, based on current legislation.

Fundación Más Familia has valued different aspects to grant the certificate. Marta Pérez, Financial and Quality Manager, comments that “the interviews conducted with employees during the audit have been very important for this achievement, as they valued very positively all our initiatives and measures. Also key was the involvement with this model shown by Guillermo Maldonado, CEO of TEMA Grupo Consultor, on behalf of the management.”

Marta Pérez has coordinated with her team the necessary actions to achieve the audit in order to receive the certificate. “I thank the collaboration mainly to the entire management team working with me on this project.”