SURVEYS on... mobility

Fieldwork related to the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan of the Municipality of Granada

Year: 2012 (*experience previous to 2015 corresponds to fieldwork jobs developed as TEMA GRUPO CONSULTOR fieldwork department)

Mode: Screen interviews (private vehicle) and telephone mobility interviews

Client: ACISA


This is a research on mobility with the aim  to characterize the current mobility situation, analyze the evolution of mobility patterns during the last years and feed a transport model that allows evaluating the measures proposed. for the improvement of the current transport system.

Job description:

The work developed by ABACO consists of the application of a telephone-assisted telephone interviews (CATI System, Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing), to individuals over 10 years of age living in the municipality of Granada and personal interviews to private vehicle drivers (screen interviews).

For telephone interviews, a random selection of the respondents is carried out from a database of previously geo-referenced telephones so that the telephones can be assigned to each of the transport zones by means of a GIS and are used applying quotas of sex, age and transportation area.

For interviews to private vehicles drivers, the 14 most relevant points of access to the city are selected and are carried out through face-to-face PAPI (Paper Assisted Personal Interview). These interviews are complemented with a counting capacity of vehicles that pass through selected survey points to be able to subsequently expand the sample.

The sample obtained is the following: 6,021 in home interviews, 994 student interviews and 3,350 private vehicles drivers interviews.

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