Field work to measure the urban and interurban bus system in Móstoles and Alcorcón

Year: 2018

Mode: Urban and interurban buses

Client: CTYM

Final client: Arriva


The aim of the study on increasing the productivity of the urban and interurban bus system is to analyse the bus system available to the company ARRIVA – DBLAS to provide urban and interurban service to the municipalities of Alcorcón and Móstoles, so that they can detect possible actions that will allow an increase in the productivity of the system.

Job description:

The field work carried out by ABACO consists of the analysis of commercial speed on 22 lines in these municipalities, to identify the causes and magnitude of the decrease in commercial speed, considering different factors such as traffic stops, traffic lights and other reasons.

After the field work was carried out, a file of results of the measurements taken was delivered.

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