SURVEYS in... transport means

Fieldwork associated with Merlin Properties’ Transportation to Work Plan

Year: 2019

Mode: Floating vehicle, parking lot inventory, mode surveys

Client: Tema Ingeniería

Final client: Merlin Properties


The aim of the work is to characterize mobility in the field of study and to complete the existing information for the analysis and diagnosis of the mobility system in relation to the workplaces. The scope of the study comprises mainly the District of Fuencarral-El Pardo, centred mainly on Las Tablas, Tres Olivos and Madrid Nuevo Norte, as well as the northern part of the District of Chamartín.

Job description:

The work to be carried out by ABACO Market Studies in the area of this collaboration consists of

  • Inventory of companies to catalogue the existing business network in the area of study. For each company located in a property, information will be obtained such as
    Inventory of parking and road network, in a relevant sample of the roads in the area of study and in the existing parking areas both public and private and in different periods of the day, in order to observe the degree of rotation of the parking.
  • Circulation speed by means of a floating car, in order to analyse the degree of congestion on the access road and all the roads used by public transport.
  • Passenger count and survey of public transport users, to characterise the demand for public transport, carrying out a survey to characterise the journey at all the stops on transport lines serving the area and capacity on one of the lines (Metro de La Moraleja and Ronda de la Comunicación stops, Alcobendas San Sebastián de los Reyes suburban train stations, Alcobendas city buses and intercity buses.
  • Vehicle counts at different points in the research area.

Once the field work was completed, the corresponding databases were delivered for subsequent exploitation and analysis.

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