SURVEYS on... quality / satisfaction

Fieldwork associated with the previous study of the needs and alternatives for the metropolitan transport service of Logroño

Year: 2018

Mode: City buses

Client: Iplan

Final client: Gobierno de La Rioja


The aim of the work is to obtain service assessment data and to obtain the number of passengers per stop of the Logroño metropolitan service.

Job description:

The work carried out by ABACO consists of the application of a satisfaction survey on board the buses on the 8 urban lines over 4 hours of the service on a working day, so that users can evaluate different aspects of the service in order to detect the most problematic points on which a solution can be offered and suggest possible improvements that could be made. At the same time, a capacity survey is carried out on board the buses in the same period, so that results can be obtained on the use of each of the stops. A total of 244 surveys are obtained. The deliverable consists of a coded and purified database, for subsequent processing and exploitation by the client.

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