SURVEYS on... mobility

Fieldwork associated with the development of the Urban Mobility Rehabilitation Plan of the Andújar City Council

Year: 2016

Mode: Urban and interurban buses

Client: Iplan

Final client: Consorcio de Transportes del Área de Jaén


The objective of the work is to provide sufficient data to be able to develop the Andújar City Council’s Urban Mobility Rehabilitation Plan.

Job description:

The fieldwork carried out by ABACO consists of carrying out traffic gauging at 9 gauging points and an Origin-Destination survey and gauging of passengers boarding and alighting on the 3 city bus lines and the 7 intercity bus lines. A total of 201 surveys were carried out, 95 on city buses and 106 on intercity buses.  After the completion of the work, the corresponding databases were delivered.

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