SURVEYS in... transport means

Fieldwork associated with the planning of the public passenger transport system in Galicia

Year: 2017

Mode: Intercity buses

Client: Iplan

Final client: Xunta de Galicia


This is a field research with the main purpose of using the data collected in the planning of the public passenger transport system integrated with the provision of transport on demand in the area of A Coruña and Lugo.

Job description:

The aim of the work is to carry out quality surveys and Origin-Destination surveys and capacity in certain bus stations in Galicia. Specifically, a day’s work was carried out in each of the following bus stations

  • Origin-Destination and Capacity Surveys: in the bus stations of Marín, Monforte, Noia, Pontevedra and Vilalba.
  • Quality surveys: at the bus stations of Coruña, Lugo, Marín, Monforte, Noia, Pontevedra, Santiago, Vigo and Vilalba.

In the case of the Origin-Destination surveys, 141 surveys were carried out and in the case of the Quality surveys, 170 surveys were carried out. The deliverable consisted of a coded and refined database with the surveys, together with the results of the gauging, for subsequent processing and use by the client.

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