SURVEYS in... transport means

Fieldwork for the study of rethinking public transport in Vigo

Year: 2018

Mode: City buses

Client: Arriva


The aim of the study is to take data and carry out the necessary field work to be able to make a diagnosis of the bus lines that serve the city of Vigo and are operated by Vitrasa, a company that is part of the Avanza Group.

Job description:

The research area corresponds to the main lines of the daytime network integrated into Vigo’s Urban Transport, from which 29 lines were selected.

The research period was between 5:00 and 24:00 hours on a working day. The field work was carried out from 25 September to 4 October 2018 and consisted of an Origin-Destination Survey on public transport for 6,472 passengers, together with a universal capacity of passengers boarding and alighting at each stop on each of the lines under study, as well as a self-completed survey for a sample of 19,218 users.

Once the field work was completed, the recording, coding and debugging of the surveys, as well as the elevation of the data obtained from the gauging data, the corresponding databases were handed over to the client for subsequent use and analysis.

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