Supervision of field work in Bolivia

Year: 2018

Mode: traffic counting, cargo census and screen interviews

Client: Tema Ingeniería

Final client: SICE


The objective of the work is to supervise the field work carried out in Bolivia for the client by a local company for 6 months.

To carry out the fieldwork, seven teams were formed, consisting of a team leader and four operators, plus a reserve team, to avoid setbacks.

ABACO sent 3 Field Managers from Spain to carry out the training and supervision of these teams during the whole period of the field work.


Job description:

The field work consisted of the capture of three types of data:

  • Gauging data collection: using ADR SABRE pneumatic gauges and Miovision SCOUT video data collection cameras
  • Cargo Census
  • Conducting surveys, both origin-destination and declared preferences

The objective of the field work is as follows:

  • Characterization of the traffic
  • Characterization of the load
  • Obtaining TPDAs for validation and calibration at strategic points
  • Origin-Destination Matrices
  • Choice functions between alternatives (time value)


These works were carried out in 90 stations, distributed along the Fundamental Road Network. Thirteen field trips were carried out, from August 8, 2018 to December 16, 2018, with a measurement period of one week at each station. A total of 1,646,063 vehicles were counted and a total of 27,099 light vehicle and 14,489 heavy vehicle surveys were conducted, in addition to 13,947 censuses.


Once the field work was completed, the data collected was sent to Spain, where ABACO was in charge of processing the data to obtain the counts and refining the results, which were delivered to the client for subsequent analysis and exploitation.


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