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Fieldwork survey on demand of a high speed branch line to Torrevieja

Year: 2014 (*experience previous to 2015 corresponds to fieldwork jobs developed as TEMA GRUPO CONSULTOR fieldwork department)

Mode: Interviews in public transports and private vehicles

Client: TRN Ingeniería


This is a field investigation with the main purpose of establishing the necessary information to build the matrices of mobility in public transport, with origin and destination in Torrevieja, and thereby establishing the demand that can potentially be picked up by the railroad.

Job description:

The work carried out by ABACO consists of conducting capacity countings and interviews in two campaigns,  winter and summer:

  • Capacity counting of vehicles in 9 points and O-D interviews of Revealed Preferences and of Declared Preferences to users of the private vehicle for the estimation of modal distribution models.
  • Capacity counting of travelers and O-D interviews of Preferences Revealed in buses departing rom Torrevieja station.

Achieved sample distribution is as follows:

Winter Wave Summer Wave
Private vehicle (PR+PD) 1.123 1.666
Bus 253 282
TOTAL 1.376 1.948

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