SURVEYS in... transport means

Fieldwork works associated to the survey for estimation on current and future demand and financial and socioeconomical profitability of several corridors of High Speed Rail

Year: 2016-2017-2019

Mode: Interviews in public transports and private vehicles


Final client: ADIF


This is a research consisting of the execution of fieldwork in the High Speed Rail corridor to estimate the current and future demand and the financial and socioeconomic profitability of different High Speed Rail corridors.

Job description:

ABACO task consisted of conducting interviews in:

  • Public Transport: for characterization of transport demand in the current situation, OD surveys of Revealed Preferences and Declared Preferences are carried out to travelers who wait for their service to leave at the main bus stations and well as on board trains and in airports, on the scope to survey. Interviews are carried out at the bus stations of both corridors, that is, Irún, San Sebastián, Bilbao, Miranda de Ebro, Burgos, Santander and Talavera de la Reina; at the airport in Madrid and Bilbao; and train passengers, users of the services defined by the customer.
  • Private vehicle: O-D interviews on Revealed Preferences and Preferences Declared in 15 screen points in Extremadura Corridor are conducted. For this a series of gas stations and service areas, where vehicles stop voluntary, are selected.

In both cases interviews are conducted during weekends and working days in both circulation ways. Questionnaire are tablet supported with a length of about 5-7 minutes, including both Preferences parts, Reveled and Declared.

A total of 12,647 interviews were conducted for the study as a whole, distributed as follows:

Revealed Preferences Declared Preferences
Private vehicles 5.605 651
Bus stations 1.586 199
Train services 3.883 223
Airports 1.573 155
TOTAL 12.647 1.228

In 2017, the study was updated by conducting interviews at the Adolfo Suárez airport in Madrid and at the service stations and bus stations of the Toledo-Madrid-Barcelona corridors.

In 2019, the study was updated by conducting interviews in the Adolfo Suárez airport in Madrid to Madrid-Granada travelers, and in the trains, service stations and bus stations of the Madrid – Jaén and Madrid – Granada corridors.

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