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Traffic studies

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Traffic proyects… 


In the last 8* years we have conducted more tan 200 count jobs, both manual and automatic, for projects of:

  • Parking demand
  • Surveys on fraude control
  • Surveys on Railway Infrastructure demand
  • Surveys on impact of single developments
  • Surveys on impact of urban developments
  • Surveys on impact of PGOU (General Plan of Urban Order)
  • Surveys on Mobility Planning (PMUS and similar)
  • Surveys on Transport to Work Planning (TWP)
  • Surveys on Public Tranport Planning
  • Survey on Tráffic (Public work or use concessions,, informative projects, building projects in urban roads, etc)

In 2018 we also coordinated traffic countings and surveys in Bolivia for 6 months.

*Experience previous to 2015 ccorresponds to jobs developed as TEMA GRUPO CONSULTOR fieldwork department.

After that date, jobs conducted are mainly for Tema Ingeniería and Iplan Movilidad.

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