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Survey on current and future demand of passengers of the Sevilla-Huelva high-speed line and its financial and economic profitability

Year: 2015

Mode: Interviews in public transports and private vehicles

Client: Joint venture Deloitte – TEMA GRUPO CONSULTOR

Final client: ADIF


This is a research with the aim of gathering information from a field research with the main purpose of completing the information on mobility guidelines and knowing the willingness to pay for different levels of quality of service, related to saving  travel time with the new high-speed line linking Huelva-Sevilla.

Job description:

ABACO task consisted of conducting  countings and interviews in:

  • Public transport: O-D interviews of Revealed and Declared Preferences are carried out in the Middle and Long distance Commuting Railway net, and intercity buses of different concessions, both regional and national, in Huelva-Seville Corridor. In general, countings and interviews were conducted on board, supplemented by interviews in the bus stations of Huelva and Seville.
  • Private vehicle: O-D interviews of Revealed Preferences and Declared Preferences are conducted at the access roads to the city of Huelva and at gas station located on the A-49 highway at Chucena in both directions.

A summer campaign and a winter one are launched, both on a working day and on a weekend. A total of 8,486 interviews are achieved, distributed by as follows:

Revealed Preferences Declared Preferences
Private vehicle 6.597 353
Bus 1.070 574
Railway 819 221
TOTAL 8.486 1.148

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