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Study of Characterization of the demand of the Cercanías Nucleus of Barcelona, of the Conventional Regional Services of Catalonia and of the services of Regional Cercanías of Girona, Tarragona and Lleida

Year: 2017

Mode: Renfe Rodalies

Client: Renfe

Final client: Renfe


This research is a survey of users of the Renfe Cercanías network in Cataluña, with the aim of spatially characterizing the daily demand of travelers in the nucleus of Barcelona, Regional trains, Gerona, Tarragona and Lérida.


Job description:

The work developed by ABACO consists of conducting F2F interviews to users of Renfe Commuter railway net in Cataluña, n order to obtain the origin – destination matrix of network movements, in such way that the average applicable tariff of the Travel Card can be defined as well as characterize the existing demand according to different aspects such as access and dispersion mode, origin and destination of the trip, age and sex of the traveler.

The sample obtained in the study of 2018 amounts to 79,709 interviews, which implies that, taking into account the capacity taken during October 2016, 19.9% of the travel stages are investigated, which implies an increase of 0.2% with respect to the programmed sample.

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