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Origin – Destination survey in ML-1

Year: 2009 (*experience previous to 2015 corresponds to fieldwork jobs developed as TEMA GRUPO CONSULTOR fieldwork department)

Mode: Light railway train

Client: Metros Ligeros de Madrid


This is a research consisting of carrying out interviews in line ML-1 of Metro Ligero, with the purpose of characterizing the existing demand according to a series of determined aspects.

Job description:

The work developed by ABACO consists of a campaign of interviews to users of Line 1 of Metro Ligero, which content is mainly oriented to determine spatial components of the trip and the modal chain associated to it. A simple random sampling is carried out in each and every one of the stations, with quota control according to time periods and direction of circulation, from 06:00 h to 22:00h during three working days.

The total sample achieved amounted to 7,183 surveys, representing 37,4% of the number of trips made.

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