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Origin-Destination survey to Metro Madrid multiple stations users

Year: 2016

Mode: Madrid Metro

Client: Consorcio Regional de Transportes de Madrid


This work is part of the surveys carried out by Consorcio de Transportes de Madrid to collect data on the operation of the public transport network in Madrid and analyze the demand, in order to plan and schedule the provision of the services with the best guarantees of a correct adaptation of the offer to the demand.

This is a field research and its subsequent exploitation with the main purpose of obtaining the mobility matrix, at the “in station-exit station” level of the users of multiple stations.

Job description:

The work developed by ABACO aims to establish the mobility matrix at the level of the In Station – Exit Station, of the users of the multiple stations and their evolution with respect to the surveys carried out in 2007, to know the transfer in the double stations as well as to characterize transfers between concurrent lines in the triple stations and in the quadruple station and knowing the means of access and dispersion to the Metro network, the reasons for travel, the type of ticket used, reason, recurrence of the trip and the distribution coefficients of each hall to line.

To do this, a fieldwork research consisting of face to face interviews to a sample of 195,485 randomly selected among Metro users, which implies a sampling error of 2.48% and represents 26.15% of the demand of the multiple stations.

The research is carried out on a regular working day and in the period from 7:00 to 21:00  at the stations of the Madrid Metro network considered as multiple

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