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Mobility survey to residents in Granada area

Year: 2015

Mode: Mobility Telephone survey

Client: Joint venture BBJ – INGEROP

Final client: Junta de Andalucía


This is a mobility survey which aim is define the characterization, both internal and external in an average working day, of residents in Granada area as well as to  asses several aspects on sustainable ways and acceptance of sustainable mobility.

Job description:

The work developed by ABACO consists of the application of  a Computer Assisted Telephone Interview (CATI System) with an average length of 12 minutes, aimed at individuals aged 16 and over, living in one of the municipalities within  Almería Area. A random selection of the respondents is made from a database of previously geo-referenced telephones so that the telephones can be assigned to each of the transport zones by means of a GIS and are used by applying quotas of sex, age and transportation area. A sample of 3.614 interviews are completed.

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