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Mobility survey to residents in Cordoba area

Year: 2016

Mode: Mobility Telephone survey

Client: Joint venture VS - TEMA INGENIERÍA

Final client: Junta de Andalucía


This is a research consisting of a mobility survey with the purpose of characterizing the mobility of residents in the Cordoba area, both internal and external, on a regular working day, as well as assessing different aspects of sustainable modes and acceptance of measures of sustainable mobility

Job description:

The work developed by ABACO consists of the application of  a Computer Assisted Telephone Interview  (CATI System) with an average length of 12 minutes, aimed to individuals aged 16 and over, living in one of the municipalities within  Cordoba Area. A random selection of the respondents is made from a database of previously geo-referenced telephones so that the telephones can be assigned to each of the transport zones by means of a GIS and are used by applying quotas of sex, age and transportation area. A sample of 2,854 interviews is achieved

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