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Mobility survey to resident population in Carballo

Year: 2017

Mode: Screen interviews (private vehicle), in household mobility interviews and Public Transport interviews


Final client: Carballo Town Council


This is a field research with the main purpose of obtaining information on mobility in the Council of Carballo in the reference year for use in the development of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan.

Job description:

In order to know the service levels of the main roads and the intersection traffic between them, countings was done in 7 points of the municipality and origin / destination interception surveys in 5 of them. The counting was conducted with video cameras allowing to differentiate all types of vehicles: heavy (truck and bus) and light (car, motorcycle and bicycle) and characterize the operation of traffic and quantify it, as well as obtain data on the characteristics of the operation of the intersection, allowing to measure parameters such as queue lengths, delays, vehicles in the queue … ensuring a correct knowledge of the level of service.

Field work was also carried out to characterize the pedestrian and cyclist demand, through countings and interviews to pedestrians and cyclists in high-density urban sections of pedestrians and bicycle users, or areas that are uniquely attractive for pedestrian and / or cyclist traffic.

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