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Analysis of the feasibility of bus service for shopping centres

Year: 2018

Mode: Intercity buses

Client: Arriva


The objective of the study is to analyze the feasibility of a bus service during weekends and holidays to the shopping centers Xanadu and Kinepolis.

Job description:

The work carried out by ABACO consists of the following tasks

  • User surveys, to characterise the users of these centres, and the willingness to use a bus service with certain characteristics.
  • Customer counts at the main access points to the shopping centres in order to raise the results of the surveys and counts of passengers on the bus lines that access the shopping centres, in order to make an estimate of the demand.
  • Analysis of public transport lines that serve each of the shopping centres: lines, timetables and frequencies.

Depending on the data collected and the current offer, an analysis of lines and an estimation of demand will be made, in order to carry out a feasibility analysis.


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