MYSTERY SHOPPING on... light railway

Analysis on quality service offered by MLO related to customer service through Mystery Shopper technique

Year: 2014-2018 (*experience previous to 2015 corresponds to fieldwork jobs developed as TEMA GRUPO CONSULTOR fieldwork department)

Mode: Light Railway

Client: Metro Ligero Oeste (Light Railway West)


This is a field investigation in the ML-2 and ML-3 lines operated by Metro Ligero Oeste  in order to evaluate the customer service offered by the employees of the mentioned lines.

Job description:

The work carried out by ABACO consists of conducting a series of interactions, using the “Mystery Client” technique, with the line inspectors, security personnel and information point staff, in order to know their reactions to different situations.

Different scenarios are evaluated, which allow to assess the customer service of the personnel of the ML2 and ML3 lines of Metro Ligero Oeste:

  Scenarios of inspection (with interaction and observation) related to fraud and infractions.

  Scenarios related to the operation of the system. Problems with vending machines, cancellations, etc.

  Interaction scenarios with Customer Service Point Staff (PAC).

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