(Español) Observatorio de la Calidad en el Transporte: Análisis de la calidad percibida por los usuarios en las principales redes de metro de España

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(Español) ABACO colabora con el CRTM realizando conteos de viajeros en Metro para optimizar la gestión de flujos durante la desescalada

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Merry Christmas and thank you for sharing another year all together

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a 2020 at the height of your best wishes. ¡See you around, with more new projects!

Travellers capacity count in Parla Tram 2019

On December the 4th is being conducted the capacity count of travelers in the Tram of Parla. The objective of this count is to quantify the demand of travelers in the time from 6 in the morning to 10 at night, the period in which 95% of demand is concentrated. Out of this capacity count it […]

Travellers capacity count in the network of Cercanías in Sevilla, Málaga and Cádiz 2019

For the 4th year in a row, ABACO Estudios De Mercado will conduct the capacity count of passengers in all stations of the Cercanías network in November 26th and November 28nd in Sevilla, Cádiz and Málaga. This is a field research in the Cercanías lines, with the aim of determine, on an average working day, the volume […]

Fieldwork associated with the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan of Huelva

This week we are in Huelva, carrying out surveys on urban buses and drivers in some parts of the city, as well as counts of passengers, vehicles and state of parking areas, within the framework of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan that is developing the company Tema Ingeniería for the City Council, more information here: […]

Personal security survey to Metro de Madrid users 2019

Between Tuesday 5th and Thursday 7th of November 2019, from 7 a.m.to 10 p.m., we will be carrying out more than 5.000 personal security surveys of Metro de Madrid network users at different stations in order to study the perception of the personal security inside Metro de Madrid.

External customer satisfaction survey of the Parla Tram 2019

On October 17, the Customer Satisfaction Survey campaign of Parla tramway has been carried out. These survey aims to know the degree of satisfaction of users about the services provided by Parla tram, to know the strengths and weaknesses of the system and to improve those aspects required to offer a greater quality service to […]

Capacity count of users in Metro Ligero de Madrid, 2nd wave, 2019

The 16th of October, we ran the capacity count of users in line ML-1, Pinar de Chamartín – Las Tablas, of Light Meters of Madrid that ABACO Market Studies has been carrying out since 2008, twice a year. The basic objective of the study is the control of occupancy of travelers on working days in […]

Study of mobility and demand of Tram of Tenerife 2019

On October 15 we will carry on the 2nd wave of the “Study of mobility and demand of Tram of Tenerife”, whose objective is to know different questions related to the use made of the transport titles, the way to acquire them, the degree of substitution of the car, the degree of satisfaction with the […]