Commisionning of works related to control the occupation of travellers in the EMT network of Madrid, in rush hour, in a working day

For the 5th year in a row, ABACO Estudios De Mercado, has been awarded the contract to control the occupation of passengers during peak workdays in Madrid’s EMT network for the year 2019, which will begin in October.

This work is part of the surveys carried out by Consorcio de Transportes de Madrid, to collect data on the exploitation of the public transport network in Madrid and to analyze the demand, in order to plan and schedule the provision of the services to best warranty a correct adaptation of offer to demand. This is a field research in the EMT Network of Madrid and its subsequent exploitation which purpose is to obtain the matrix of passenger intensities for all circulations.

The work carried out by ABACO consists of gathering information on passengers in and out at each stop, as well as the identification data of each bus and the stop time in each one of the bus stops. All daytime lines of the EMT network in Madrid are investigated on a working day in the direction and period of maximum load, for which a capacity count is done on the different buses that are in circulation in that direction and research period.

Once the information is collected, the matrices of up and down passengers, occupation and time of passing by each stop are obtained, for the whole measurement and for the time of greatest load in the section with the largest number of travelers. In addition, the demand information is completed with the real offer, in special frequency, capacity, commercial speed and of exploitation, as well as the information on the use of the line and the length of the trip. This allows to know the supply and demand of the different lines of the EMT in  the rush hour.